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April 2016

"WINNER" BEST FEATURE from Leglesscorpse Film Festival




KILD TV coming soon on VOD

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AWARD WINNING FILM from The 2016 International Horror Hotel


Congratulations!. KILD TV,
has won 2nd place in the feature suspense-thriller category.
It has also been selected for screening.

KILD TV will screen at 10:25pm
on Thursday, June 9th
Screening Room A.

Horror Hotel will take place
June 9th-12th at The Clarion Inn & Conference Center
6625 Dean Memorial Parkway
Hudson, Ohio

The hotel offers a discounted rate for anyone with the event,
so if you are booking a room, be sure to say it is for
"Horror Hotel" when making your reservation.
The hotel's direct line is 


More review from Fangoria

“KILD TV” (Movie Review)by:  Ken Michaels   

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So many low-budget slasher movies focus on teen victims who apparently have no lives that KILD TV distinguishes itself simply by having its killer target adults on the job.
That workplace is a small TV station where a late-night skeleton crew is setting up to air a Friday-night horror-host show headlined by Milton (D.C. Douglas), a.k.a. Dr. Perseco. We’re introduced and get to know the team via new employee Adel (Astrea Campbell-Cobb), with screenwriter Channing Whitaker and director William Collins swiftly sketching each of the characters, letting us get to know them well enough to set up how they’ll react when things go bad. And they go bad before too long, because there’s someone lurking around the studio who has it in for the group, and Dr. Perseco’s tacky pretend horrors give way to genuine gore.
One of the nice things about KILD TV (now available on a special prerelease Blu-ray and DVD via the movie’s
official website, where you can also find out about upcoming festival screenings) is how it doesn’t follow the expected course when it comes to its lead character. Milton rules the roost at the eponymous TV station, and the typical formula would dictate that he’s an egotistical jerk when off the set, but he actually proves to be a decent guy when the cameras aren’t rolling, doing his best to help his co-workers figure a way out of the situation when the body count begins. Since the station’s transmission tower blocks any cell-phone signal and all the doors have been locked, what to do?

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Well, they have a wealth of communication equipment at their fingertips, but the filmmakers throw a couple of plausible stumbling blocks in front of that course of action. Unfortunately for the team, the broadcast has been preprogrammed and the only guy who knows how to alter it is the first one to go, so the survivors are restricted to those moments when the feed has been set to go live from the studio. And then, even when Milton gets on camera to alert anyone watching that they’re in trouble, the people watching think it’s just part of the show. This is the KILD TV filmmakers’ fun twist on the relationship between genre viewers and what they watch, as they intercut a white-trash couple and a skeptical cop viewing the proceedings.

Fangoria Comments off on Exclusive Clip

Exclusive Clip, Tour Announcement: HorrorHound Fest Award-Winner
April 8, 2016 - 1:34 p.m. by:
Fangoria Staff  unknown

Earlier this year, FANGORIA offered up the first news on the Blu-ray release and Horror Hound Weekend Film Fest screening of KILD TV, the upcoming indie slasher from FX guru Michael Muscal (BRIDE OF CHUCKY) and up-and-coming filmmaker William Collins. Now, FANGORIA has the latest wicked word on this freaky fright flick, including its upcoming screening tour and a new exclusive clip from the flick, which you can see below!
For those unfamiliar, here’s the official synopsis for KILD TV…
The crew of a local horror movie showcase is used to broadcasting creepy stories of heinous killers, but tonight, they are the story, trapped at their station with a real killer among them.


Following its world premiere at the 2016 Horror Hound Weekend Film Festival, where it took home the awards for “Best Film” and “Best Actor” (for D.C. Douglas), the creepy crew behind KILD TV have announced an upcoming screening tour of the film at a number of highly-anticipated horror film festivals. Future screening venues include:
April 8th – 10th:
Toronto International Spring of Horror and Fantasy Film Festival
April 23rd – 24th:
Legless Corpse Film Festival in Alabama
May 13th – 15th:
Crimson Screen Film Festival in Charleston, SC
May 27th – 29th:
9th Annual Crypticon in Seattle, WA

And if you’re not yet excited for KILD TV, check out what critics have said about the horror offering…
“KILD TV is exactly what the great majority of horror fans want in a horror film …” – Horror Hound
“Blood, guts, and boobs. KILD TV is B-­Movie fun!” – iHorror.com
“The FX were brutal and gruesome, both the on­screen kills and the aftermath of the off­screen ones — it will be most pleasing to the gorehounds out there.” – Leglesscorpse.com
If KILD TV is not coming to a town near you, don’t fret: you can get the film directly for the source as the film is still available (while supplies last) on DVD and Blu-ray at the film’s official website
HERE. Stay tuned for much more on KILD TV here at FANGORIA.com!

KILD TV makes its Canada debut

KILD TV makes its Canada debut April 8, 2016 Friday night at 9PM.

Hayes Hudson's House of Horror's Blu-ray Review

by Hayes Hudsons House of Horror

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  Here is a film a lot of you probably know nothing about.  It's a great, low budget, slasher flick called KILD TV about a local horror show where the murder is real!   Here is the basic plot synopsis:

  Ten years after a series of unsolved serial killings, a determined journalist cracks the case and prepares an expose for air, all the while keeping his secret that the twisted killer now works in his own station. As he covertly prepares, a skeleton crew of the local TV station begins to air their live, late-night horror show, featuring a ghoulish host named Dr. Perseco.

  Unbeknownst to all, one crew member has already been viciously murdered and her body hidden. A violent thunderstorm rolls in as two more of the crew and the journalist disappear.
  The TV show continues with over-the-top macabre antics and Perseco’s dark humor until the mutilated body of one of the missing is discovered. The midnight crew is now in a full panic and frantically tries to flee the building, only to find all lines of escape and communication sabotaged. They are trapped inside with the killer somewhere in the station!
  Thunder strikes and the lights go off, leaving only emergency power available, and one hope for rescue; they must broadcast or die. They plea for help on the air, but the plan falls on deaf ears when viewers believe it’s just a hoax. No help is coming. Soon, more lifeless, brutally slain bodies turn up and the pressure mounts to identify the killer before another is found slaughtered.
  As the mystery begins to unravel, it becomes clear that the killer is among them.  Friends and colleagues begin distrusting each other, and, with every step inching ever closer to discovering the killer, another body falls

  I love finding movies that I have never heard of and have read nothing about.  I like being able to go into a film without any prior knowledge and without anyone having any preconceived opinions of a film based on any reviews I might have seen or heard.   While I had not read anything about this film, after viewing it I think it is just a matter of time before we all start hearing a lot more about this film.

  I loved the concept of this film, with a local horror movie show coming under attack by a killer and their only means for help was broadcasting to ask viewers to call the police.  Most everyone watching assumes it is fake, and just part of the show.   That is terrifying to me to think that could be happening and people are just sitting on their couch laughing and having a good time while people are actually dying!  I know...it's just a movie, but that concept is creepy as hell!

  The movie is very well done, with everyone turning in a great acting performance.   Dr. Perseco played by actor 
D.C. Douglas  was especially good.  He played a wonderful cable horror host, and it almost makes me sad that he is not a real horror host.  He would be a great one for sure!    The effects are also pretty good in this film, with some great gore including a nasty head bashed in with a computer screen!   Also, to go along with all this doom and despair, their is some humor throughout the film, although some of it is pretty dark humor.  I did literally laugh out load at one point, though, so well done to the filmmakers for throwing in some pretty good humor.

  I really liked this film.  KILD TV is not a huge budget, blockbuster type of film for sure.  It's a low budget independent film, but it is just as enjoyable as some of the big studio horror films I have seen lately. 

  The film is being self-distributed by the filmmakers, so make sure to grab a copy today and support indie filmmaking!  Visit
http://www.kildmovie.com./ to purchase a limited edition, unrated and uncut version of the film on DVD or Blu-ray.  You can also order autographed copies of the film! 

'KILD TV' Toronto Premieres


A Review from Leglesscorpse


Review…Bloody Late-Night Horror Fun

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I’m certain that many (indeed , likely most ) of you Fellow Fans out there spent a good bit of your youth (and quite possibly still do ) watching whichever local or syndicated horror theater host you could get in your town on most Friday and/or Saturday nights.  From Vampira and Morgus the Magnificent through Count Gore de Vol and Dr. Shock — up through the redoubtable Elvira, Mistress of the Dark and Joe Bob Briggs, to the more modern names like Penny Dreadful XIII and Mr. Lobo, we all have our favorites to guide us through our late-night b-flick meanderings.  In all those years of watching, I’m sure it crossed many of your minds as it did mine — wouldn’t a late-night horror theater show make a dandy setting for a cheesy scare flick?
I kinda think it would be a pretty good idea for a campy horror film — much like the kinds you’d see on such a show.  Apparently, the folks at Eye Candy studios with writer Channing Whitaker and director William Collins think so, too — my submitted evidence being their new film, KILD-TV.
It’s late Friday evening at local KILD, channel six.  The night desk signs off after their last report of the day, and anchorman Conrad stays on to work on a “personal project”.  Meanwhile, the live “horror theater” of the affiliate begins it broadcast, with the experienced personality of Milton as his character Dr. Perseco hamming it up for the camera.

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Dr. Perseco introduces his new associate…

Tonight also boasts the addition of his new assistant, played by the newest producer at KILD, Adel, who’s working her way around Milton’s improvisations and script changes, all the while getting to know the veteran staff members.  As the night moves on and it’s time for a cut-in scene of “Dr. Perseco”, the studio is upset that their controller doesn’t cue up the right scenes at the right time — but when they go to find out what the hell his problem is, it turns out to be a screwdriver driven into his chest!  Panicked, they find that they’re locked in the studio, and whomever killed the controller has also seen to it that they are trapped like rats, cell phone reception ruined by the studio’s antenna and the phones dead.  Finding that the programming is running on a pre-set schedule, the remaining employees use the only means of communication they have left, and appeal to the public via their broadcast, hoping to get some help — but since it’s a horror show, who will believe it?  As more of them are picked off one by one, they struggle to figure out what put them in this situation — why are they being stalked and killed?  And what does Conrad’s “personal” story have to do with it all?

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Conrad’s having a rough night…

I was pleasantly surprised by this one; it comes out of the box with a very convincing portrayal of a television station, with the sets and technical aspects coming off as very believable — impressive for a low-budget film.  The acting, while having it’s highs and lows, still carried off the characterizations well — a standout for me was D.C. Douglas as Milton/Dr. Perseco, who commanded every scene he was in, be it the hammy and over-the-top character of Perseco, or his concern and intelligence during the more serious scenes.  The FX were brutal and gruesome, both the on-screen kills and the aftermath of the off-screen ones — it will be most pleasing to the gorehounds out there.  The story is every slasher film you’ve ever seen, but with good characterizations, humor that is intelligent rather than mindless, and the unique setting, I didn’t find it tiresome or dull.  There is  a twist ending, but you folks out there who are as jaded as I am will probably find it telegraphed fairly early on — still, it’s woven well enough into the narrative that it made me question my theory more than once.  Add in camera work that is both clever and nostalgic, and you have a pretty good bloody romp hearkening back to the slashers of old that it homages.

Pasted Graphic 4
Too little, too late…

As with any horror flick (subjective pests they are — especially  slashers!), this one won’t make everyone happy — it has it’s flaws and holes like any other — but personally I found it a great time in front of the ol’ screen, checking off all the boxes of the subgenre but nonetheless enjoying the characters and the situations; bloody, campy, and fun.

The flick’s already won Best Picture and Best Actor (D.C. Douglas) at Horrorhound, and I believe it’s destined to keep winning accolades.

Two-tenths of a dime lighter.