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February 2016

KILD TV Premiering in Cincinnati



KILD TV Premiering in Cincinnati Next Month
Posted on February 19, 2016 by David Gelmini

If you happen to be in Cincinnati next month, then be sure to attend the premiere of the multiple award-nominated feature KILD TV, produced by VFX wizard Michael Muscal and directed by William Collins. Full details can be found below.
From the Press Release:
Mystery, suspense, and blood-soaked mayhem all take center stage when KILD TV has its world premiere screening at the HorrorHound Weekend and Film Fest, March 18-20 in Cincinnati, Ohio. And the film has been nominated for Best Picture, Best Actor (D.C. Douglas), and Best Actress (Astrea Campbell­-Cobb).
This taut thriller takes place at a remote TV station where crew members, doing the late night horror telecast, are violently disposed, one by one, by a psychopath out to erase all clues to his (or her?) identity. To survive, they must broadcast for help ­­­ or die!
Producer Michael Muscal (Re­Animator, Ed Gein, Bride of Chucky) is quick to point out that genre fans won’t be disappointed: “The body count is quite high.” Not bad coming from the guy who brought you serial killer classics Ted Bundy and The Hillside Strangler.
Director William Collins aptly puts it this way: “It’s Dario Argento meets Tim Burton,” while HorrorHound Magazine says, “KILD TV is exactly what the great majority of horror fans want in a horror film… interesting characters, a mysterious killer, just the right amount of gore, suspense, and a little sex appeal.”
Douglas plays the off­beat Dr. Ultim Perseco, host of the midnight hour fright flick, and is joined by a sensational ensemble cast including the up-and-coming Ms. Cobb, Heather Williams, Dan Braverman, and Grace Johnston. And to accomplish the hardcore ghoulish rampage, the producers brought in Emmy-nominated Hawgfly Productions (Temple Grandin, Grindhouse and Machete) to do the special make­up effects.
In concert with the HorrorHound event, a Special Collector’s Edition of KILD TV will be released nationally on DVD and Blu-ray. Don’t miss out!

KILD TV: Official Trailer #1 (2015) - D.C Douglas, UHD 4K - 5.1

Horror News Net show off our KILD TV Trailer


Trailer: KILD TV (2016)
Horrornews.net 02/14/2016 Trailers

The crew of a local horror movie showcase is use to broadcasting creepy stories of heinous killers, but tonight they are the story, trapped with a real killer among them.

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