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September 2015



Exclusive gore pics: Telemurder in FX veteran’s “KILD TV”
News   |   September 23, 2015 - 4:36 pm   |  by:  Michael Gingold   |   Comments Off on Exclusive gore pics: Telemurder in FX veteran’s “KILD TV” unknown
Visual FX producer (BRIDE OF CHUCKY, WITCH HUNT, TICKS) turned movie producer (ED GEIN, BUNDY, THE HILLSIDE STRANGLER) Michael Muscal got in touch with the first, bloody, exclusive photos from his latest flick, the Texas-lensed KILD TV. Jump past the jump to have a look.
KILD TV centers on a late-night horror-movie broadcast whose crew is stalked and slain by a mysterious murderer trying to erase ties to his past. “We think of it as Dario Argento meets Tim Burton. Genre fans won’t be disappointed; it’s gruesome fun and the body count is quite high,” says Muscal, who was joined on the producing end by Yun Collins and William Collins, the latter of whom also directed from a script by Channing Whitaker. D.C. Douglas, Astrea Campbell-Cobb, Heather Williams, Grace Johnston, Jared Doreck, Aleeah Rogers and Dan Braverman star, and the makeup FX were created by Austin-based Hawgfly Productions, who have worked on GRINDHOUSE and the MACHETE flicks. KILD TV is completed and seeking distribution; keep up with its progress on